Active Shooter Survival Training

Preparing your staff from A to Z

 As I am sure that you know you have a bigger chance of a domestic  situation or a mentally ill fan or employee committing a shooting than a  terrorist attack.  The ATAB program covers all of these events and  there are great programs that you can send to your staff to assist them  in recognizing a potential problem before it turns into a shooting.  The sample PowerPoint that we will send you is just one of many starting with Psychological  motivation of violent offenders, prevention, survival, fighting back and  first aid.  While we do have programs that comply with the DHS Run Hide  and Fight program that you can use or teach being a security  professional we realize the long odds of winning a gun fight with a  coffee pot or stapler. This program addresses what to do if you are  armed and an incident happens. How to tactically address the situation. 

Active Shooter Response & Prevention Training

The ATAB Active Shooter, Victim Proofing and Liability Reduction provide you with information you can share with your staff that covers all areas of Active shooters or assailants. 

Course Content

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Active Shooter Incident Response

Developing a TRUE Active  Shooter program is not just "Run, Hide and Fight".  A truly functional  program must first of all be a "Security Mindset" within your  organization.  It is an encompassing program provided to not only react  to an Active Killer in your facility but a program designed to detect,  deter as well as react.

ATAB's  active shooter programs provides templates for active shooter protocol  for your company policy manual and training modules on: 

  • Behavioral Analysis
  • Stalking
  • Profiling Violent Criminals
  • Workplace Violence
  • Employees and Staff Response to an Intruder in your Workplace
  • The DHS Guidelines for Responding to an Active Shooter
  • Active Shooter What Employees should do
  • Active Shooter Crisis Management
  • Responding to an Active Killer Situation if you are armed
  • Procedures for security responders to respond to an Active Killer situation
  • School Shooting Active Shooter Response
  • Victim Proofing
  • Advanced Victim Proofing
  • Active Shooter Drill Briefing
  • Active Shooter Table Top Drill
  • Designing your Policy Manual for Active Shooter
  • High Risk Medical
  • Tactical Lifesaver


Materials for your Active Shooter Training

Teach your own Classes or Request one of our Professionals


If you are skilled in  these areas the ATAB Active Shooter program will provide you with  excellent state of the art training materials to assist you in  developing a comprehensive program for your facility. 

If you do  not feel comfortable with developing your companies Active Killer /  Intruder program ATAB can provide you with excellent experienced and  proven providers of quality Active Killer program directors that can  assist you and your company in developing a policy as well as a program  designed to meet your companies requirements and needs.

If you would like to purchase the ATAB Active Shooter Program the cost is 795

If  you would like to have a professional Instructor come to your facility  establish a comprehensive Active Shooter/Workplace Violence program.

You can contact the ATAB certification director for more information. Contact Keith Flannigan at

CEU  Audits  have begun.  This is a great way for you to protect  your business while ensuring you maintain your certification.

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ATAB Don't be a Victim You have a Choice 2019 (pdf)


ATAB Liability Reduction (pdf)


Developing Active Shooter Assailant Drills and Practical Exercises (pdf)


ATAB Active Shooter Active Assailant Program Overview (pdf)