CAS Certification

Obtain Your CAS and let everyone know that you are a Professional Terrorism Responder



The Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board CAS Certification 

  • ATAB  (The Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board provides  quality response training and has established a industry standard of  training being used for terrorism responders around the world since  2002.

ATAB provides a Standard Skill Set of Training for Terrorism Responders.

  • ATAB  has Developed training programs on Anti Terrorism, Counter Terrorism,  OPSEC, Intelligence/Counter Intelligence, Police Intelligence, Maritime  Security, Physical Security, Cyber Terrorism, IT Security, Crime Scene  Investigations, Active Shooter for Responders, Active Shooter for  Business Employees, Celebrity Protection, Executive Protection, Prisoner  Transport, Financial Crime Investigation, Hostage Recovery, SWAT  Tactics, Human Trafficking, Profiling, Sexual Violent Offenders and many  Law Enforcement Training Programs. We have trained over 118,000  responders for free.  We now have over 18,000 certified members.


Certification Process:


  • Request Application
  • Complete and Return Application
  • Pay Your Invoice
  • We will send you Study Materials, The ATAB Emergency Response Power Points, exam review course and Resource Materials.
  • Take and Pass the Online Examination
  • Receive You certification 



Cost of Certification 

Fees for Certification and Examination

The of the Certification is $795.

  • For  795 we provide you with ATAB's 50 Training modules, over 800 books and  manuals on safety, security, terrorism and terrorism response.   The fee  covers the review course and the cost of taking the exam.  You have 2  opportunities to take the exam.
  • We have had 1000's of members tell us that they received their job or were promoted due to their CAS or CMAS Certification.  Taking the initiative to advance your industry education lets your peers and possible employers and clients know that you are a motivated professional  capable of providing professional services.