Certified Executive Protection Specialist

Professional EP, Celebrity and VIP Protective Training


  • ATAB's Certified Executive Protection Specialist (CEPS) course  was designed to be the Crown Jewel in the EP training world.  We have  brought together some of the best minds in the Protection business to  determine the skill requirements necessary to address the current threat  level that protection providers face.  The CEPS program far exceeds the  training level of any other Executive Protection course available. 
  • To effectively address the security needs of your clients  requires a total all-around skill set of security.  You must know about  Alarms and Video to ensure their safety while at home.  Data Security  and Technical Counter Measures to ensure that the Paparazzi are not  bugging their phone call as they did in England.  Explosive knowledge to  ensure that a vehicle-borne explosive device is not attached to your  vehicle and IED knowledge to ensure that a static device is not  detonated injuring your clients.  Tactical Medicine to ensure that if  your client or coworkers are injured you will have the life-saving  skills to reduce the chance of loss of life.  Motorcade procedures are  required to ensure that you are not involved in a situation similar to  Princess Diana or other celebrity protection fails.  Counter Surveillance and Intelligence skills to provide  you with the ability to recognize a potential problem and avoid the  area rather than attempting to respond to an attack. 
  • As with any Executive Protection course, we will address the standard EP  skills and disciplines.  Many of these have been recently updated to  take into consideration the current threat levels and different  responses required due to the more advanced weapons and techniques being  utilized by today's criminals.
  • There has been much Social Media conversation about  Terrorism not being a threat.  Those people should explain that to the  people from the Pentagon Shooting in 2010, The Navy Yard last spring,  Ft. Hood, and the Westgate Shopping Mall, Ariana Grande Concert, Pulse  and Paris shootings to name a few.  These events have to be addressed  with the new methods as the standard Active Shooter response is not  effective against a dozen men with hand grenades, rocket launchers, and  assault rifles.
  • The first step in the process is to become a Certified  Anti-terrorism Specialist (CAS).  This process is the core program for  any Security Manager Program.  You will be provided 50 of ATABs power  points and over 800 manuals and books on all areas of Security,  terrorism, and response.  Then the CEPS course is taught by sending you  all of the power points from the CEPS course for you to complete with  self-study or organized training in your company.  When you have  completed the training you then log in to the ATAB War College and take  the online exam to ensure that you understand the important EP Skills  from the powerpoints.  Then you schedule the week-long classroom program  for hands-on testing and evaluation. 
  • The  ATAB program was designed by people that do Corporate EP every day.  It  is much different than someone being taught old Secret Service  techniques that do not apply to real world EP.  Corporate EP seldom  provides 12 and 18 man teams with Cobra Gun Ship backup as well as being  able to have the police stop and ID any suspicious person that you see  along the way.  We just had a person take our class that has been to 5  of the most well-known EP courses in the country and he failed our  practical.  He told us that the other bodyguard classes only had a 1 hour class  on conducting "Advance" work.
  • I have  attached the curriculum for the CAS and the CEPS for you to peruse.  I  have also attached a couple of power points for you to review.



CEPS Ch 325 Protecting High Net Worth Clients (pdf)


CEPS Curriculum 10 20 19 (pdf)