Safety Training Certifications


Firearms Safety Course

This is a 32 hour class in basic firearm safety and basic victim proofing. Course is designed for entry level firearms users.  The course provides guidance in Safety, Use and Maintenance of a weapon as well as how to determine what weapon is best for you to have in your home or office as well as to carry.   

Advanced Firearms Safety

This course is designed for intermediate shooters and addresses various topics of utilizing weapons in a hazardous environment.

Hunter Safety

Designed to provide new hunters with the correct procedures for utilizing a weapon in the field in a safe manner.  Best Types of weapons for various game will also be discussed.

Tactical Firearms

Safety and tactics for surviving a tactical situation.  Tactical methods to address multiple assailants as well as methods of dealing with the media and authorities after the incident will be addressed.

Basic Boating Safety

This course is a basic boating safety course that is designed to address most boating crisis situations as well as most topics required to complete your state boater safety courses.

Advanced Boating Safety

This course addresses the more critical safety issues such as Hurricanes,Tropical storms, Ice Storms and Cold Weather incidents.  This course addresses basic first aid as well as basic navigation and boat safety.