Private and Classroom Training Provided

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 Dr. David Otto, CMAS an authorized ATAB Training Professional has  provided many training classes in Africa, UK and Europe for individuals  that do not speak English as a first language or that do not have the  required experience to qualify for the CAS or CMAS.  Dr. Otto has  provided training in various languages to potential CAS's as well as  specialty Training for the U.S. Army, DOD, Interpol and many other  Military and Law Enforcement Agencies.  

ATAB has the ability to provide you or your organization with quality training in the security/terror response topic that you require.  We also have the ability to refer you to professionals in your area that can provide you with All Hazard Risk Assessments or the security services that you require.

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If your require specific security or training needs please briefly explain your request and we will provide you with the sources that you require