Member Spotlight

Tom Conley CGMEAS

 Tom Conley is a former  civilian police captain and is a senior-level commissioned officer in  the United States Navy (Reserve). In the U. S. Navy, Conley has served  in a number of critical national security positions, including law  enforcement, criminal investigation and information security. He has  also served as the Commanding Officer of a destroyer squadron  detachment. He is a certified Master Training Specialist (MTS) by the  U.S. Navy and a certified counter-terrorism instructor by the U.S.  Department of Defense.

Mr. Conley has served on the ATAB  Transportation committee, Chaired the Maritime Security committee and  now utilizes his 5 plus years experience with the U.S. Navy Command as  an Information Security Manager to serve on the ATAB Intelligence  Committee.

Mr. Conley was directly involved with the development  or the Maritime Security Managers certification and is now assisting  with the Operational Security and Intelligence Certification, a state of  the art intelligence program addressing actual "Trade-craft" for OpSec,  Military Intelligence, Counter Intelligence, Law Enforcement  Intelligence as well as Covert Intelligence gathering.  In 2010 Mr.  Conley was awarded the ATAB Legion of Exceptional Merit Award for work  not only with ATAB but also for his unpublicized sacrifice and efforts  in the Global War on Terror.         
In addition to his ATAB  Certifications, Mr. Conley has been designated a Certified Protection  Professional (CPP), by ASIS International, a Certified Information  Security Manager (CISM) by the Information Systems Audit and Control  Association as well as being as both a Certified Protection Officer  (CPO) and a Certified Protection Officer Instructor (CPOI) by the  International Foundation for Protection Officers. Additionally, Conley  has been designated as a Certified Private Investigator (CPI) by the  Academy of Private Investigators, is Certified in Homeland Security -  Level III (CHS-III) by The American Board for Certification in Homeland  Security, and has been designated a Certified Fraud Investigator (CFI)  by the International Academy of Investigative Professionals.

Mr.  Conley is a graduate of Executive Security International, a highly  regarded executive protection academy, where he earned a certification  as an Executive Security Specialist. He is a Certified Emergency Medical  Technician (EMT), has earned a bona fide Black Belt in Karate, and is a  certified expert with handguns and rifles.

Tom Conley has  Master of Arts Degree in Business Leadership with an emphasis in Quality  Management from Upper Iowa University, where he graduated with a 4.0  GPA. He also earned two undergraduate degrees from Upper Iowa  University: a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management and a  Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology. He graduated with honors from  both degree programs. In addition to the testing and certification in  the above disciplines, the CGMEAS requires candidates to have been  published multiple times and having completed a comprehensive and  in-depth peer review.

Mr. Conley, as a CGMEAS, has been endorsed  by five esteemed professional colleagues as well as being an executive  member of a recognized professional security association for his  outstanding contributions in his professional work, and also his  contributions as a volunteer. As a successful CGMEAS Candidate, Mr.  Conley was required to have the unanimous approval of all members of the  ATAB Board of Directors and the Certification Committee.
The  Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board is very proud to announce they have  presented Mr. Conley with the prestigious Certified Grand Master Elite  Anti-terrorism Specialist (CGMEAS) and he has been formally granted this  certification.

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