From a Navy SEAL


"I  received all of the presentations. I have to say that these are very  impressive. After reviewing them, they are spot on. The information in  these slides is very comprehensive and in my professional opinion smoke  the majority of other certification programs out there, especially when  it comes to the training and review materials that are  recommended/provided. These fill the gaps of ASIS and ABCHS training  material with a more focused approach to what is needed  a tactical  stand point.  Coming from a SRF/BRF and non-compliant vbss background  along with SOCOM, I have to say that these are full of knowledge needed  for a base understanding to develop an SOP template." 

From a retired E8


 "Your presentations are light  years ahead of ESI, EPI and any other formal executive protection school  when compared to their content.
I would like to get the Active Shooter Course under my belt; please sign me up whenever you have time." 

From a Marine at an American Embassy



"Yes I reviewed the entire  package. Having recently completed the ESI online requirements, the ATAB  presentations make ESI look like kindergarten. It was very clear from  the first presentation, all material is current and extremely relevant.   I am fortunate to have been allowed entrance into such a professional   organization."

                Safe travel my Friend,  God Bless & Semper Fi!

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 "That's very interesting - we  never saw anything to this level of detail while I was involved with the  DSS - this would have been a wake-up call for a lot of the staff and  the security forces. Using real life visual aids is also a lot better  than staged photos - I pay a lot more attention to this than a bunch of  stock photos put together. 
I'm loving the detail here - a lot of  this is stuff I've learned both in classrooms, on the job and by myself,  but I'm seeing new things in this as well, putting words to details I  haven't been able to articulate in either thought or words before." 

From a Protective Agent for some of the biggest Hollywood Stars


 "I have attended 5 executive  protection training programs thought to be the best in the industry and  none of them could come close to what is taught by the ATAB program.  I  learned more in one day from Avery than I did in all 5 of those  courses.  My services will forever be better from the skills and tactics  that I learned from ATAB.  Thank you for making me a better protection  provider." 

From a Corporate Security Specialist


"It amazes me the amount of information on just about every topic in the security field.  No matter what the current threat is I seem to always have a power point to address the situation to train security and non security staff.

The Active Shooter Program made it possible for me to begin our ongoing education of our staff.  The domestic violence and victim proofing programs provided new and many unseen items. 

  I look forward to starting the OIS Intel Program."  

ATAB Ataboys

From a Law Enforcement Officer


 I am blown away by the information contained in it. What an outstanding  job of putting it together. I thought you would like to know. I took the  ATO Certification course and it does not hold a candle to this in my  opinion. I just wanted to share with you my thoughts.  

From A Kenyan Military Intelligence Officer


I want to thank you for providing me with the opportunity to join ATAB.  I received my CAS in 2008 while I was serving as a Military Intelligence Officer.  The materials helped me very much to better understand the growing terrorism threat throughout Africa. Upon my leaving the Military I have received 2 different jobs with International Companies due to my ATAB Certification. 

From Security Consultant in London England


I have my ATAB CMAS Pin on today, and a Security Manager asked what the pin was I replied politely my ATAB CMAS Pin

He said who are ATAB I replied The Anti Terrorism Accreditation
Board who train First Responders in Various Subjects, and I showed him the ATAB Leaflet I got with the CMAS Certification.

He then asked me could I train his Security Team in Counter Terrorism Awareness, and IED / IIED Training I said yes I can I have all the power points on my laptop.

So thank you Keith and John for accepting me as a member of ATAB AND I AM PROUD TO BE A MEMBER 

Security Consultant in Saudi Arabia


 Greetings from Saudi Arabia, I hope you are all well and in good health.  I have been a CAS for 5 Yrs and I am thinking to become CMAS.   The CAS helped me a lot in my career and gave me a credibility to  change my career path from a security guard to risk assessor.  I feel that the CMAS will give me the ability to expand my consulting business to address counter terrorism.  We are having a surge of radicalization here and I would like to get my business a head of this risk.

Assalamu Alaikum


From a Marine who was serving in Iraq


Sir, I wanted to take a moment to thank you. I received the ATAB materials last week and started studying for my examination.  Yesterday while on patrol in the city of Falluja my squad was detailed to clear 4 streets and the buildings on them.  We had been receiving sniper fire and so we were moving quickly.  As I was starting to enter a building I recognized something that I had seen in your powerpoint as an IED.  Luckily I was able to avoid being injured as we were able to tamp and blow in place. 

Thank you again for supporting us and providing information to us.

Semper Fi

From A LEO Instructor



 I am doing 2 segments of the annual  40 hour in service training here and I know the Active  Shooter topic is going to come up. Sandy Hook and VA Tech will  definitely come up and now that I have info on the other incidents I  will be able to discuss some of those. You just improved my  presentations  by about 200 percent!!!! I eat drink and sleep this stuff much like you  I imagine, so Please feel free to share any info available with me. I  am a state certified instructor for Security Guards (Industrial mainly)  however I am also a member of the Sheriff’s  Department so I find myself in the classroom fairly often. The info I  have gained since joining ATAB is priceless my friend!!!

Thanks, and Keep it coming!!!