Advantages of ATAB

Additional Information

 ATAB provides responders with quality training materials at a very reasonable price.

ATAB has provided certification materials to over 18,000 individuals around the world.

ATAB provides ongoing updates and develops ongoing training modules to address new and current threats as they arise.

ATAB  networking opportunities have provided CAS and CMAS’s with numerous  employment opportunities.  Yesterday a CMAS called and ask if I was  aware that one Federal Agency recently hired a complete department of  investigators and each one of them was a CAS or CMAS.  We have had many  members express that the reason for their employment was directly due to  their certification as a CAS.

The Anti-Terrorism Accreditation  Board and the International Association for Counterterrorism and  Security Professionals (IACSP) have partnered together to provide  enhanced benefits, training opportunities and discounted rates for our  members.  For those that are not familiar with IACSP,  the IACSP is a  network of Counterterrorism/Homeland security professionals interacting  with other professionals providing a forum of education and information,  while promoting international cooperation on counterterrorism policy  through its flagship publication – The Journal of Counterterrorism &  Homeland Security International (now into its 26th year of  publication), its website,  

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There  is nothing more rewarding to the ATAB board members than to receive an  email from a military member that states that while on patrol their life  was saved due to information that they learned in an ATAB IED training  module.