CMAS Certification

CMAS materials include a complete counter terrorism program with lesson plans, power points and vid

 Anti Terrorism, Deployment, Detecting  Surveillance, Forces Protection, Force Protection Conditions Systems,  Hostage Survival, ID'ing Terrorism, Individual Protective Measures,  Terrorist Tactics and Operations and Weapons of Mass Destruction,  HME-IED Awarness, Introduction to Explosives and IED's, Home Made  Explosives, Blast Effects, Bomb Treat Management, Search Techniques.

ATAB resource materials include over 800 manuals, publications and information documents on the following:
Aviation  Security Manuals Publications and Directives, Biological & Chemical  Terrorism Response Manuals, Reports and Publications, Communications,  Defense Threat Reduction Agency Materials, Dept. of State Power Points  on various Security, Risk, Response and Prevention methods, HazMat  Information, Homeland Security Policy & Training Materials,  International Training Materials & Documents, Military FM’s &  TM’s & Manuals, Miscellaneous video clips, Power Points, Terrorism  Reports and News segments, Nuclear Safety & Security Publications  and Manuals, Planning & Operations Materials and Manuals, Technology  Information Manuals, Publications and Directives, Search and Rescue  Manuals dealing with all types of Natural and Man made Disasters  

For Experienced Professionals

The CMAS program will provide you with the materials and tools you need to provide your employees or clients with quality training on securing a high threat or government facility.  You must be a CAS before you can take the Masters program.  Discounts available if taking both the CAS and CMAS together.